Okapi Invoice Payment

You're probably at this page because you received an invoice from me. I accept payment in several forms. For all of these, please include your invoice number in the memo field.



I strongly prefer Dwolla. It's free, it's verifiable, and it's relatively fast.

Square Cash

If you don't want to sign up for Dwolla, I also accept Square Cash.

Credit Card

If for some reason you want to pay via a credit card, click here.

ACH / Direct Deposit or Domestic Wire

Contact me for account numbers.

Please note: recurring retainer payments must be made via ACH or Dwolla. Please contact me for ACH details or set up a recurring transfer by visiting my Dwolla page above.

Paper Checks

If you feel you absolutely must pay with a paper check, send it to the address printed on your invoice. I would very much prefer you use one of the methods above. Paper checks are aniquated, slow, get lost in the mail, and are vulnerable to all kinds of attacks.

Seriously. It's the 21st century. We've had electronic payments for decades. They're better for everyone.